In the UK a “Cat of the year” recognized saved the owner of the pet

In the UK a “Cat of the year” recognized saved the owner of the pet

Eight-year-old Theo was not allowed to sleep his owner Charlotte Dixon, which ultimately saved her life.

LONDON, August 3. /TASS/. White cat Theo, who saved the life of mistress Charlotte Dixon, voted “Cat of the year” in the UK. As informs television channel Sky News, the title of the posthumously — cat died a few days ago has him at a ceremony in the capital’s Savoy hotel. The award was presented on Thursday to the hostess.

A cat who saved its owner’s life has been crowned Cat of the Year a week after he died

— Sky News (@SkyNews) August 3, 2018

In the dispute for the title of Theo ahead of hundreds of other applicants. The cat, according to the paramedics helped save the life of Charlotte Dixon from Redditch (Worcestershire), which has formed a clot. 8-year-old Theo, whose mistress was cured from a serious illness, the night felt her degradation, and was not allowed to sleep.

Dixon recalls how he awoke in the night and felt ill. She didn’t know what to do, and thought “just need to sleep”.

The newsWoman went bald cat. Now the pet luxury sestito didn’t let me sleep and was acting really weird. He continued to pull me by the leg, to meow and jump on me, preventing sleep. In the end I decided to call my mom, who called an ambulance.Charlotte Dixenhausen Theo

The doctors immediately identified the symptoms of a blood clot. “Well, they said that I was not asleep and could not Wake up,” continued Dixon. After a week of stay in intensive care, she recovered fully.