Dry laws: local authorities do not give the Russians drink

Dry laws: local authorities do not give the Russians drink

What are the challenges in the regions involves the introduction of a ban on the sale of alcohol.

In the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous district collected 20 thousand signatures to ban the sale of alcohol in all towns and villages. Individual settlements where alcohol is impossible to buy in Russia already there, but at the level of the Federation prohibition for various reasons has not yet been taken. What are the difficulties that regional authorities are trying to ban Russians to drink, found the portal iz.ru.

Federal law prohibits selling alcohol in shops from 23:00 to 8:00 throughout Russia. “In the provision of services of public catering”. The document allows local authorities to impose additional restrictions until the complete ban on the retail sale of alcoholic beverages.

Genetic predraspolozhennosti the whole country in this case Yakutia. By the end of 2016, stores in 100 villages could not obtain a license to sell alcohol products.

And in 2013, when the Republic was in first place in the country in the number of chronic alcoholics, regional administration has limited the time of the sale of alcohol beverages six hours from 14:00 to 20:00. And buy them since you can only in specialized stationary trade objects, which are prohibited to open in apartment houses.

However, in the same 2016, the spread of prohibition in Yakutia stopped. Despite the impressive number of 100 settlements, all of them small villages where there are at best hundreds, and even dozens of people. When the deputies had the idea to introduce prohibition in the administrative center of Namsky district of Yakutia — the village of namtsy, whose population exceeds 10 thousand people, and at the same time in all the other settlements of the region, they faced resistance.

By April 2017, the district deputies collected 1.9 thousand signatures in support of a ban on the sale of alcohol in Namtsy. But they were stopped by Republican colleagues, when the initiative group gathered and gave them 1.2 thousand signatures against the new law.

We felt that actually this situation leads to a split in the district.Victor Fedorovitch National Assembly Of The Republic Of Sakha

While the idea held in the district a referendum was blocked by the Prosecutor’s office. With the clarification that the prohibition of alcohol trade does not apply to local government. Conducted on the website of the local administration, the survey also showed almost equal number of supporters and opponents of reform. So in Namtsy to buy alcohol is still possible.

The arguments of opponents and supporters of alcohol prohibition from region to region, almost no change.

First talking about jobs and revenue, the inevitable criminalization of this sphere in the care of her “shadow” and, as a result, the growth of counterfeiting, which in turn will increase the number of alcohol poisoning. The second stamp of the first greed and the desire to have drinking people, which are easier to manage. But in Yakutia the apologists of prohibition is another strong argument.

In the body of many representatives of the indigenous peoples of the North, as well as Japanese and Chinese more active than the Europeans and southerners, acetaldehyde accumulates. It is a toxic substance, which is converted in alcohol, getting into the human body.

Because of this, increases the effects of alcohol on the body and faster formed alcohol dependence.

This is due to the historically. Unlike Greece, Italy, the Caucasus and other southern regions, where the culture of wine developed over the millennia, the northerners with alcohol met relatively recently — the vineyards there grow nowhere. And the desired gene have not formed.