Zakharov told a joke to a question about working in the U.S. Embassy to Russian

Zakharov told a joke to a question about working in the U.S. Embassy to Russian

Moscow. August 3. INTERFAX.RU Official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova joked when asked to comment on media reports “exposing” the Russians who are in contact with the FSB, which allegedly worked in the American Embassy in Moscow.

The official representative the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation noted that she knows nothing about allegedly associated with the Russian special services. “I have no idea, I don’t know about whom we are talking, what was going on,” said Zakharov.

“Well, really, it is impossible to comment on what you don’t know. If you have any specific data, let him provide, we will understand what they are”, — said the representative of the foreign Ministry.

Earlier, the Guardian newspaper reported that the Russian, associated with the FSB, has long worked at the American Embassy in Moscow and had access to documents of the U.S. Secret service.

In 2016 the woman was suspected of having links with the Russian special services, her attitude was being tested by investigators from the Department of regional security of the state Department. “It was given numerous contacts FSB… Numerous unauthorized contacts,” the newspaper reported, citing its intelligence sources. The publication says that knows the name and the position in which the woman worked at the Embassy.

The US secret service has called the publication of “false and baseless”.

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