Russian diplomats visited the arrested in the United States Butino

Russian diplomats visited the arrested in the United States Butino

WASHINGTON, Aug 3 — RIA Novosti. Employees of the Russian Embassy once again visited the prisoner in the U.S. the Russian Maria Butina, she “endures” the conditions of imprisonment, is spoken in the comment of the Russian Embassy in the United States.

“The second of August the staff of the Embassy once again visited the arrested by the US authorities of the Russian citizen Maria Butina. For 19 days, she is jail on trumped up charges. Maria endures the hardships of trying to adapt to these. The state of health does not complain, however, her treatment for dental care are ignored”, — said Russian diplomats.

The diplomatic mission noted that Butinai now also “given the opportunity to make telephone calls, but contact with parents has not yet managed by the prison administration refers to some “technical difficulties”. Embassy of the Russian Federation “understands” the situation.

“Maria is grateful for the support of their friends, relatives and all those who believe in her innocence, which she firmly intends to defend. We will continue to regularly visit a compatriot, to provide consular assistance and other necessary assistance,” had been circulated by the Embassy message.

Butino detained in July in the United States. She is accused of conspiracy to commit an agent of a foreign government without registering with the U.S. justice Department, as well as in the work of a foreign agent. On the totality of the charges, she faces up to 15 years in prison. Butina told the court about his innocence. The Russian authorities also believe the accusations against the Russians far-fetched. The lawyer of Butini said that she wasn’t doing anything illegal, and its relationship in the United States are fully explained by studies at the local University majoring in “international relations”.