Lawyer Agalarov answered the request of spectacular USA Muller

Lawyer Agalarov answered the request of spectacular USA Muller

Lawyer Scott Balber representing the interests of the Russian singer and businessman Emin Agalarov, said that his client does not intend to go to the US to answer the questions of spectacular USA Robert Mueller about the “Russian interference” in the presidential elections of 2016. Barber stressed that the desire to interrogate Muller Agalarov was not news to him.

Representing the interests of the Russian singer and businessman Emin Agalarov lawyer Scott Balber said that his client is not going to go to the US to answer questions of spectacular Robert Mueller. Barber also noted that the request is not news to him, because this issue has already been discussed with the American authorities.

“We are dealing with a team of spectacular for almost a year, so for us it was not a surprise, the lawyer said on CNN. — We are continuing negotiations, but they can’t come to an agreement regarding the terms and conditions of the proposed testimony”.

Balber argues that the main problem in the organization was the location of the survey Agalarov. According to him, the team Mueller “for some reason doesn’t want to go to Moscow, and his guys don’t enthusiasm about the trip here.”

Another issue is the range of issues. We have nothing to hide, if we are talking only about a single meeting.Scott Barbaraduke

Barber reminded that we are talking about meeting in the USA in 2016, which discussed the possibility of building of trump Tower in Moscow, and added that his client believes that trump did not know about it.

Previously Robert Mueller filed the request for the interrogation Agalarov in the case “of Russian interference in presidential elections USA 2016”

Last year, former personal counsel to trump Michael Cohen said that in June 2016 the son of presidential candidate Donald trump, Jr. had a meeting with the Russian side, which was allegedly reached agreement on the Trump dirt on his rival Hillary Clinton.

Cohen also says that he personally heard trump informed about the upcoming meeting and the topic of conversation, after which the billionaire gave his consent to carry it out.

However, White house sources reported that Cohen could do nothing to back up their statements — there are no protocols or recordings, which could precisely tell about the awareness of trump on the meeting.

Agalarov, in turn, ridiculed the charges and called them groundless.

I was charged in effect, as strange as it sounds, on the American elections. Me — the guy from Azerbaijan living in Moscow. Because I personally know Donald trump. It is strange and ridiculous accusation.Elya Agalarovu an interview with Vice NewsНовостьPutin gave Trump the ball with the “bug”. Seriously?! Analysis Hi-Tech

Agalarov also remembered that he talked to the son of a trump — Donald trump Jr. and helped organize in June 2016 in new York, his meeting with a Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya. He said he did not know who asked his father, businessman Araz Agalarov, to arrange the meeting, but added that it was “meaningless” and “nothing”.

The singer and businessman also said that he met with trump back in 2013 in Las Vegas in the negotiations on the competition “Miss universe”.