How do the people of Canada are fighting to preserve the bridges for kissing

How do the people of Canada are fighting to preserve the bridges for kissing

Residents of one canadian province, are fighting against the closure of the bridge for kissing and now regularly going to rallies in their defense. If you think it’s stupid or funny, compilation “Газеты.Ru” about the most ridiculous protests — for you.

In the canadian province of new Brunswick has developed an unusual campaign: local people are fighting for the bridges of kisses. New Brunswick is famous for its many covered bridges, which were carried out in the province an unusual feature — it was a popular place for romantic meetings.

“In 1953, the province had 340 covered bridges, and now we have only 58. In the last 12 years were lost 6”, — told the publication North Shore News, a local resident Raymond Boucher. On one of those bridges he first kissed his future wife when he was 19 years old. He is now 75, and he’s not going to put up with what covered bridges are disappearing.

Such bridges in local circles associated only with the places for meetings as they allow to hide from prying, and it’s the rare passing car, so the inside can stay there for a moment, admiring how the sunlight streams through the massive wooden beams.

In new Brunswick even had to establish the Association for the preservation of covered bridges, which was headed by Raymond Boucher.

The Association calls for the restoration and preservation of bridges, as iconic landmarks of the minor provinces, which, according to local residents, attract tourists.

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Residents of the province periodically organize rallies on bridges to call on the government to undertake the restoration, however, covered wooden bridges continue to replace steel and concrete. For quite a long time debate about which material to bridge stronger, but it leads nowhere.

Dan tingly, senior engineer Wood Research and Development Ltd., told the North Shore News that with proper care, bridges of wood can last as much and even more than their counterparts made from other materials. The main problem is that while the provincial government cannot afford to waste a large portion of the budget on quality content and restoration of covered bridges. Active search of more economical materials and methods of course there are, but in the meantime the covered bridges continue to collapse, and the locals do not cease to rebel.

Bridges for kisses seem funny to be the object of protection, but there are others.

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In 2004, the United States appeared a group of activists defending the rights of Guinea pigs. They were unhappy with the fact that cats and dogs created a huge number of shelters, and for rodents no. Association Critter Connection has created a rescue centre and rehabilitation only for Guinea pigs, which are abandoned, unwanted and sick animals. In this center take care of them, if necessary, treat and give the Guinea pigs in good hands. The organization still exists, and with it several thousand rodents of this species were able to find a new home.

In 2009, an unusual action was held by Indian women. However, not in protest but in support — they defended their right to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Then the activists of the group “Shiv Sena” is an Association of Hindu nationalists — February 14 attacked a pub in the Indian city of Mangalore, claiming that the celebration of Valentine’s Day “polluting” Indian culture.

In response to the United attack women launched the Pink Chaddi campaign, during which the office of Shiv Sena sent two thousand women’s pink panties.

In early 2009, on the campus of the University of California, Berkeley planned opening of the Panda Express — new points the largest Asian fast food chain, which account already had more than 1.5 thousand restaurants across America.

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However, the students were against it: some say that the campus is too many places where you can eat, while others were sure that the opening of the restaurant will damage the reputation of the University. The students even held a protest lined up on campus with signs on which were written slogans against junk food directly and the Asian network. One of the students dressed in a Panda costume and waving bags depicting sacks of money. After such performances the restaurant is not opened.

In 2011 in the Belgian capital Brussels was unusual meeting. The reason for it was pretty standard — the farmers were protesting against the drop in purchasing prices for milk.

But to act they decided radically: protesters took to the streets of the city the cows and began to pour police with milk straight from the udders, with the result that the streets flowed with rivers of milk. Also farmers throwing chicken carcasses, burned tires and hay.

Creativity Belgian farmers went even further last year. In 2017 they are again protesting against the low prices drove farm equipment on the Schumann square, which are adjacent buildings of the European Commission and the EU Council, and also sprayed a ton of dry milk with fans.