From words to deeds: Russian diplomacy achieved an important victory

From words to deeds: Russian diplomacy achieved an important victory

Russia convinced Japan to create a group of experts to discuss issues ABOUT the United States in the Asia Pacific region.

The first consultations of the Russian and Japanese experts on the topic of the deployment of U.S. missile defense system in Japan will be held prior to the September meeting of the leaders of the two countries in Vladivostok. This “Izvestia” said the source on the Smolensk square.

These consultations can be considered a victory of Russian diplomacy — Moscow several months sought the reaction of Tokyo to the initiative at their organization.

The Japanese side recently claimed that the emergence of missile defense systems on its territory is purely defensive in nature and does not threaten Russia. Now the experts will be clear that it is alarming of the Russian Federation in the actions of Tokyo, told “Izvestia” one of the Russian diplomats.

Strictly speaking, Russia and Japan already have channels to discuss issues of security, such disputes are, in particular, along the line of the security councils of the two countries and regular Ministerial consultations.

But those answers, which the Japanese give at a high level, are generic and do not suit us. We are talking about the fact that there are specific technical parameters ABOUT, and only experts can explain whether it is the potential to have offensive capabilities or not, — has declared “news” a diplomatic source on Smolensk square.

That is why, in December last year at the meeting of Secretary of Russian security Council Nikolai Patrushev with his Japanese counterpart, Shotaro Yachi, in Moscow, the Russian side made a proposal to establish a mechanism of consultations on a wide range of security issues at the level of experts of the two countries.

The answer is Moscow expected to receive in may during the regular consultations of diplomats at the Deputy Minister level. But some of the reaction from Tokyo has not followed.

To achieve the agreement on the expert consultations on security issues, especially on the theme of the United States in Japan, it was possible only this week. This happened after talks in Moscow between heads of defense and foreign Ministers in the format “2+2”. It is noteworthy that in the framework of this meeting, the Minister of defense of Japan for the first time visited Russia over the past 12 years.