The brain and meditation. Than knowledge of the Tibetan monks will help in the business

The brain and meditation. Than knowledge of the Tibetan monks will help in the business

How meditation affects neuroplasticity of the brain and why the desire to earn nothing bad about it.

August 3 in Moscow will hold a lecture of a Buddhist monk Mingyur Rinpoche, author of “Buddha, brain and neurophysiology of happiness.” Before his arrival Mingyur Rinpoche told Forbes Life, what businessmen should learn from the Buddhist monks.

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Basmanovskoye research in the laboratory of neurophysiology and brain function University of Wisconsin have confirmed the ability of the brain to change. This is called neuroplasticity.

Many scholars believe that if a man was born unhappy he will be unhappy all my life that change is impossible. Neuroplasticity argues the opposite: if a man was born unhappy, you may well be happy. One of the most effective ways of influencing the brain — meditation.

Each person has their original state, which does not depend on power or wealth. It is effected through meditation.

If you do not change the original state, even if you have achieved happiness for a while, you will return to the starting point, to a state of unhappiness.

Scientists have also found that the brain has a tendency to “stick” to the emotions and problems. For example, if a person has problems at work, he can transfer them to family life. Conversely, problems in your personal life can affect work. The results of the study showed that practicing meditation has the ability to abstract from problems. They see a problem, realize it, but don’t fall into her trap.

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Business takes vision, mission, ability to manage. It all initially born in the mind, everything comes from the mind. As a result of meditation your mind starts to think more broadly, you look at things wider and your thoughts and ideas become more creative.