Six ancient structures that still influence our lives

Six ancient structures that still influence our lives

The Greeks used the water in the 19th century BC, and Babylon thousands of years ago knew about the sewers.

Bi-bi-si talks about these and other structures that still affect the image of modern cities and architecture.

1. Ancient Egypt and the pyramids

The influence of the Egyptian pyramids to modern architecture can hardly be overestimated. The appearance of the buildings that were built around 2580-2560 years before our era, is still used by the architects of modern buildings.

Pyramids can now be seen not only in Egypt. In the United States has its own Great American pyramid, or the Pyramid arena — the so-called building in Memphis, which was originally a sports arena, and is now used as a shopping center. Its pyramid is in Las Vegas — in a form built Luxor hotel and casino. Other famous pyramid entrance to the Louvre in Paris and the Museum of Sand (Nima Sand Museum) in Japan.

2. Roman roads

“All roads lead to Rome” — in fact, of course, not all, but about the roads the Romans certainly knew enough. Before the formation of the Roman Empire easiest ways to travel between cities was not. The Romans understood the importance of an efficient transport system and the creation of trade routes between settlements. In the end, they started to create the most comfortable and durable highways.

To determine the routes the Romans carried out a full “investigation” — they sought to avoid natural obstacles and to build roads more direct. The road was strengthened and the foundations were laid with stones that they were not pushing the weight on them marching troops or wagons with baggage.