In the US, the twin brothers found wives twin sisters

In the US, the twin brothers found wives twin sisters

They got engaged on the same day and even plan to live together.

24-year-old Zach and Nick Levan in Michigan since childhood were inseparable, as well as their future wife Chrissy and Casey Bevier.

Las gemelas y By Krissie Bevier se casarán con Zack y Nick Lewan en Grass Lake el 3 y el 4 de agosto

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And it all started four years ago, when Casey and Nick met at University Grand valley and on our first date he took with him his brother and sister, between which also ignited a spark.

It is not surprising that the boys decided to propose her lover on the same day, during their joint trip to Dearborn.

Krissie & Kassie Bevier, Zack & Nick Lewan: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know –


Identical Kassie and Krissie Bevier and Nick and Zack Lewan



That’s just their wedding, the young people decided to share.

First married Zach and krissy. Their celebration will be held on August 3 and the next day your vows of love and faithfulness, will recite Casey and Nick.

According to the girls, since childhood they got used to do everything together, but the day of the wedding would be unique and special. Honeymoon couples will also hold separately.

But the lovers live together in a one bedroom apartment. So they hope to maintain communication and fun and to save on rent.

This is pretty cool: identical #twins Kassie and Krissie Bevier are marrying another set of identical twins, Nick and Zack Lewan in Michigan. They’re all planning to live together in a 2-bedroom apartment . #twinning

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