Armenia breaks away from the collective

Armenia breaks away from the collective

Moscow is annoyed by the actions of the new authorities in Yerevan.


The persecution of the current government of Armenia of its former leaders have made a rift in relations between Moscow and Yerevan, and can embroil the parties even more. According to sources “Kommersant” in the government of the Russian Federation, the special irritation has caused the bringing to justice of Secretary General of the Organization of collective security Treaty (CSTO) Yuri Khachaturov. The Kremlin is considered a serious blow to the image of the military unit and do not rule out that the CSTO can lead the representative of another country. Moreover, the issue was agreed upon earlier and the supply of arms to Armenia by $100 million.

Moscow please do not worry

On Wednesday, the Armenian foreign Ministry responded to criticism of the Armenian authorities from Moscow. “We monitor the international reactions regarding unfolding in Armenia’s internal processes due to the formation of legal state and independent judiciary, fight against corruption, which are political priorities of the government, — said the press-Secretary of the Ministry Tigran Balayan.— These processes are not interlinked with the foreign policy of Armenia”. The Armenian diplomat stressed: “Foreign policy priorities aimed at further strengthening and deepening of Armenian-Russian allied relations and improve cooperation within the CSTO and the EAEC”.

We will remind, on Tuesday Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, speaking in an unusually harsh statement in the address of Yerevan.

According to him, the events of recent days “are contrary to the recent statements of the new leadership of Armenia that he had no intention to organize the prosecution of his predecessors for political reasons”. “What is happening in Armenia is not alarming message, including from the point of view of the tasks of the normal work of the organizations in the CIS,” said Sergei Lavrov, adding that in recent days representatives of the Russian Federation “several times brought their concerns to the Armenian leadership.”

We will remind, in 2010 for organizing riots in the jail he sat, the current Prime Minister of Armenia. Now he demands to bring to responsibility those, who stood on the other side of the fence, and was involved in the crackdown: ex-President Robert Kocharian and of the CSTO Secretary General Yuri Khachaturov, in 2008 the commander of the Yerevan garrison. They were charged under the article “the Usurpation of state power”.

Robert Kocharian was arrested on July 27. The head of his office Victor Soloman on Wednesday told “Kommersant” that the former President kept in prison in Yerevan, and allowed him only lawyers.

The interlocutor of “Kommersant” believes that the allegations against his boss are politically motivated. “The events of March 1, 2008 will need thorough investigation, that the society was confident that he knew what happened and why he killed ten people, including two policemen and eight civilians. But what is happening now has nothing to do with the investigation into these assassinations,” he said.

According to Viktor Sogomana, stalking ex-President due to the fact that Robert Kocharian “had good opportunities to participate in the upcoming electoral processes.” “During his presidency the economy grew, the foreign debt decreased, this nation remembers,” he said. Extraordinary parliamentary elections in Armenia scheduled for the spring of 2019.