“Sojuzmultfilm” has concluded with the assumption a deal on the “Buttermilk”

“Sojuzmultfilm” has concluded with the assumption a deal on the “Buttermilk”

MOSCOW, 1 Jul — RIA Novosti. Writer Eduard Uspensky and “sojuzmultfilm” has concluded the transaction for the right to use the original script of the cartoon about Buttermilk, ten literary stories from this series that have not previously been filmed, as well as a license to use the trademarks with images of heroes, told RIA Novosti in the press service of the Studio.

Informed in a press-service Studio RIA Novosti reported that “Soyuzmultfilm” once again made the proposal assumption about the contract conclusion on acquisition of exclusive licenses for literary works written after the latest film adaptation of “Buttermilk”. In addition, the Studio was negotiating with the writer concerning the possible adaptation of some of his works.

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“The film Studio “Soyuzmultfilm” and the writer Eduard Uspensky has settled a dispute and made a deal, according to which the famous author gave the Studio the right to use the original script of the cartoon “Three from Buttermilk, “Holidays in Prostokvashino”, “Winter in Prostokvashino”, ten not-yet-filmed literary stories from the cycle “Buttermilk”, and exclusive license to use the trademarks to the names and images of popular characters and the name “Buttermilk””, — stated in the message of press-service.

States that according to the agreement, the assumption may not issue a license to use these works, and trademarks to others, the whole licensing process will occur through “Souzmultfilm”. The Studio agrees to pay the author royalties on derived from license revenues.

We are very pleased that the negotiations managed to resolve all existing differences and to begin constructive cooperation.The Juliana Sleevapseutle of the Board of the Studio

According to her, the Studio is still interested in the adaptation of other works of the assumption and leads negotiations with him for this reason.

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The lawyer of the assumption Konstantin Leont’ev stressed that participants are satisfied with the results of the negotiations. “The agreement clearly makes delineates the rights and responsibilities of the parties, it is definitely a new milestone in the practice of interaction between production studios and of authors of literary basis,” he said.

Exclusive premiere of the animated series “Return to Buttermilk” took place in social networks in early April. At the end of may in an interview with RIA Novosti Slaschova said that royalties to be earned by the writer as from the old and the new “Buttermilk” will be a total of about 9 million rubles. In addition, according to her, the author was offered $ 5 million for a ransom of ten short stories about “Buttermilk”, written after the last film. The Chairman of the Board of the Studio noted that thus “the ransom every story significantly exceeds the price that we pay writers”.