SK stated the need to legally qualified medical error

SK stated the need to legally qualified medical error

Qualifications medical errors and negligence should be legally defined. This statement was made by the participants of the meeting of the coordinating Council of the Investigative Committee on the provision of medical care for children of South-East Ukraine and Syria, said in a press-service SK of Russia.

Chairman SK of Russia Alexander Bastrykin and the President of the Union medical society, “national medical chamber” Leonid Roshal came to this conclusion after hearing the participants. They said that there were cases when the paramedics unreasonably delayed the provision of emergency assistance to children in need, according to the official website of the Department.

It is assumed that one of the measures will be depriving the doctor of the opportunity to continue medical activities, as well as to identify ways for victims to receive fair financial compensation.

Make the decision to exclude a doctor from the profession, according to Roshal, should the medical community. In the case where criminal negligence is proved, it should attract criminal liability up to imprisonment.