In Mexico, when the crash injured 85 people

In Mexico, when the crash injured 85 people

In the Mexican state of Durango crashed passenger plane Embraer 190 of Aeromexico airline.

The Ministry of transport informs that onboard there were 97 passengers and 4 crew members.

The Governor of the state wrote in Twitter, that were killed there. However, there are victims. First local mistawasis that injured 18 people. Later, officials said injured at least 85 people.

Lo que sabemos del accidente de @Aeromexico:
?Despegó del Aeropuerto Guadalupe Victoria de Durango.
?Iban más de 100 pasajeros
?El avión tenía como destino el @AICM_mx
?Oficialmente no hay muertos ni heridos

— El Heraldo de México (@elheraldo_mx) July 31, 2018.

Flight 2431 heading from Durango to Mexico city. Authorities report that the plane crashed during takeoff. Eyewitnesses said that they heard cotton. The Russian Embassy in Mexico said that no information was on Board the Russians.