In Africa killed three Russian journalist

In Africa killed three Russian journalist

MOSCOW — RIA Novosti. Three citizens of the Russian Federation, presumably, journalists Kirill Radchenko, Alexander Rastorguev and Orkhan Jemal was killed in the Central African Republic under mysterious circumstances. According to preliminary data, they could be killed in the attack and robbery.

In the “control Center investigations” Mikhail Khodorkovsky, who sent a group of three Russians in the Central African Republic, said that those made documentary films about local life. At the moment the bodies taken to the Republic’s capital, Bangui. Russia’s investigative Committee opened a case into the killing of Russian citizens.

Contacted yesterday

The first data about the detection in CAR bodies three people with press cards, presumably immigrants from Russia began to arrive in the area 17.30 GMT. Agence France-Presse, citing sources said that they “were killed by unidentified armed men.” Some media reported that two of the three killed were members of “Izvestia”.

However, the publication stated that the company’s employees in the country.

Later in the “control Center investigations” Mikhail Khodorkovsky said that he had sent the CARS crew, which included Orkhan Jemal, Alexander Rastorguev, Kirill Radchenko.

“A joint project together with us made the movie. Not the staff, they made us a movie. Orkhan Jemal, Kirill Radchenko, Alexander Rastorguev — so”, — told RIA Novosti Deputy Director of the center Anastasia Gorshkova.

According to the head of the sdgs Andrew konyahin reported that the film crew arrived in the Republic on Saturday. The relationship they last came in Sunday evening,

“The problem was that they had to go somewhere, to go to another point, and they shouldn’t be due for about a day. And so they got in touch and said that they were going, and had to get in touch tonight. The last time they were in touch the night before. Now call, but the phones turned off,” — said Gorshkov.

In turn, the head of the Center Andrey konyahin noted that the journalists were filming in the Republic of documentary film “about the life of TSAR”, but did not have accreditation.

Later, a source familiar with the situation said that the dead Russian citizens were with an expired ID various media.

A lot of gunshot wounds

In the UN mission for stabilization in Central African Republic (MINUSCA) told RIA Novosti that the bodies of the three dead Russians was discovered in an abandoned car 33 kilometres North of Sibutu, they had traces of multiple gunshot wounds, the car was damaged by shots. Apparently there had been an armed attack, but its purpose is not yet established.

Russia’s investigative Committee opened a case into the killing of Russian journalists in the Central African Republic, the official representative office, Svetlana Petrenko said that the UK stands ready to assist the police CAR in the investigation of this crime.

As noted earlier, the Russian foreign Ministry, employees of the Russian Embassy in Central African Republic was aimed at the identification procedure, and in General, despite various reports in the media, to get all the results too early with absolute certainty to say that the dead — this is Orhan Cemal, Kirill Radchenko, Alexander Rastorguev.

In depodesta stressed that the situation is under personal control of the head of the Russian foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, and officials of the Ministry will make every effort to facilitate the establishment of all details of the incident. Also, the Russian foreign Ministry will provide assistance in transportation of dead bodies of Russians to their homeland.