Drama “aunt Wali”. The presenter was loved by the people but not his family

Drama “aunt Wali”. The presenter was loved by the people but not his family

Aunt Valya from “good night, kids!”, which was adored by all the children of the Union, met the end of life alone.

Valentina Leontiev (real name — Alevtina, Thorsons) was born 1 Aug 1923 in Petrograd, now St. Petersburg in the family of Petrograd.

Leontiev became the only female speaker of the Central television, which was awarded the title of people’s artist of the USSR. It was a truly popular — in the Soviet Union aunt Valya knew and loved everything from small to large on its programs grew more than one generation of Soviet citizens: “In the land of fairy tales”, “good night, kids!”, “Alarm clock”, “Skillful hands”.

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Valentina Mikhailovna bags of letters came from children. The address was short: “TV. Aunt Vale”. Surprisingly, but even such envelopes, signed uneven block letters, still to find its destination. By the way, leading the children’s complaints were thrown and kept until his death in boxes, periodically reviewing for the hundredth time, children’s drawings, reading letters and “telegram”. The children told her about their Affairs, conveyed greetings Fillet, piggy… She Valentina phenomenon to its incredible popularity among children was explained by the fact that she herself almost believed that funny little animals piggy, Phil, Stepashka — live. She came up with what they have birthdays, and sometimes the dolls were sick…

And then aunt Valya them “treated”. All this created the impression of a totally real life in the Studio of “good night, kids!” And children, being very sensitive to any falsity, and believed in everything that happened with aunt Valya and her friends.

By the way, in the medical field have Leontyeva was a real experience — during the siege of Leningrad 18-year-old Val worked as an orderly.

After the war, worked in the clinic. And then finished the Opera-dramatic Studio of. K. S. Stanislavsky and two years worked in the Tambov drama theatre. Incidentally, it was Valentine Leontiev first time married Director Yuri Richard. Exactly Richard, took her to Moscow. In his book, Leontiev wrote: “my First husband, Yuri, Richard was Director of radio: I lived with him for four years, broke…”.

Creating a story on the screen, it was not the happiest person. “Unfortunately, in my life, the story was not so much,’ she said in an interview. Such happy moments were associated only with the viewers. Around the globe, I think no one can read so many kind words, as I read in the letters!”.

As recalled in one of his interviews popularly beloved leading, one boy asked her, “so Auntie Valya never leave”. And even, the letter said, never left the kids for the weekend so the younger generation loved Leontiev.

However, the so — seven days a week — she lived, really. Because of that, in recognition Leontieva, and destroyed both her marriage — husband tired wife all the time lost at work and found a more “Thrifty” women, leaving the Leontief one.

“How could I not?! — She asked in an interview. — We — the speakers — there was little”.

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Second husband was a leading diplomat Yury Vinogradov, a member of a diplomatic mission of the Soviet Union in new York. The couple had a son Dmitry Vinogradov. In his book, Leontiev wrote: “With her second husband had to live in America”. Then came the dirty newspaper “duck” about what “”aunt Valya” CIA agent”.

Upon returning from the States Valentina returns to his beloved work on TV. Although no material needs was not in it. As told Dmitry Vinogradov, “dad ate and lived large tablespoons in all respects”. But Leontiev loved TV. But the husband of her love could not take — he wanted a hot dinner. In the mid-1970s, the couple broke up, Yuri Vinogradov young woman appeared, with her and the son they went on vacation. Leontiev didn’t object to it.