Business opposed the punishment of dismissal age employees

Business opposed the punishment of dismissal age employees

Raising the retirement age is inevitable and is conceptually supported by business, said the proposals of the chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation sent to the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of economic development, Ministry of labour and the Bank of Russia (“News”).

Other business associations “OPORA Rossii” and “Delovaya Rossiya” — agreed with the proposals of the chamber. At the same time businessmen opposed the imposition of liability for firing employees age.

Instead, they proposed to increase unemployment benefits for citizens of pre-retirement age and to abolish or reduce the size of Pension Fund contributions for employees who are within five years of retirement.

The Ministry of labor “news” said that in conjunction with the trade unions and employers prepare a project plan for the creation of conditions to increase the level of pensions of citizens, which will reflect and interventions in the labour market.