A love of social media led to “the poor” the Briton to clean water

A love of social media led to “the poor” the Briton to clean water

Forgetting about caution, she decided to show off their vacation.

54-year-old Geraldine Thomas of Wales for five years, received benefits from the state because of their plight. She assured officials that can’t get a job and almost dying of hunger. Thomas had multiple benefits: for the poor, unemployment, the subsidy for housing and the payment of the tax on utilities.

Benefits cheat gran, 54, who swindled £41k to fund luxury trips abroad is caught out by holiday snaps https://t.co/OA1Vbapwf6 pic.twitter.com/KZH0Kw2kLt

— The Sun (@TheSun) July 31, 2018

It would have been correct if the woman was not a fraud. In fact, she lived together with her boyfriend Raymond Adams, who worked and financially provide for her. But received money from the state (for five years they have rescued about 55 thousand dollars), the couple spent on expensive entertainment and international travel.

Perhaps the truth would never be revealed, but Geraldine has summed up the love for social networks. She periodically publish there photos of his luxurious life and travel on the system “all inclusive”.

Once these pictures came across the staff of the Ministry of labour and pensions, and against the Brits have launched an investigation. The woman pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 12 months probation. In addition, it will have to compensate a portion of the obtained five years of money.