What will change in life of Russians from August 1

What will change in life of Russians from August 1

The recalculation of pensions for working pensioners, the new duties and the increase in the price of vodka.

In August working pensioners will increase pensions, drivers and those who are just planning to become one, is the increase of fees for the issue of a driver’s license, and train passengers — a new format for the departure time on the tickets and at train stations. Read more about these and other important changes, the Russians are waiting in the near future — in the material of the portal iz.ru.

The increase in pensions for working

From 1 August working pensioners will increase pensions. The recalculation (and subsequent increase) will apply to all employees of retirement age, which employers pay insurance premiums for 2017.

The amount of gain will be calculated individually, including, depending on the wage of the pensioner, so all will be different. However, as reported by the FIU, there is also a maximum “ceiling” — payment in any case amount to no more than three pension credits, or 235,74 of the ruble.

In the new time

From 1 August the changes and wait for the train passengers. Now the schedule of suburban trains and trains of distant following will be displayed in local time (place of departure).

NewsDisclosure in exchange for refusal of inspections

“Now train tickets will be denoted only local time that corresponds to time zone of departure”, — stated in the message of the Russian Railways.

Now, regardless of region, time is Moscow.

Change in the number of ticket forms and data from the information boards installed at railway stations or inside trains. Plans for the information system in the Railways told at the end of July.

The company expects therefore to increase the level of passenger service. New ticket forms were supposed to appear on sale in may, but will enter into force a new time format only from 1 August.

Free trains for the capital’s pensioners

Another news for retirees, now living in the Metropolitan area. The authorities of Moscow and Moscow region has expanded the list of those who can enjoy free travel in commuter trains. Until now this feature was only limited number of beneficiaries. But pensioners without benefits travel had to pay. Now they will also be able to use the trains for free.

In addition, the right to free travel in early August will be able including use of honorary blood donors, one of the parents, guardian or foster parent to orphans, parents and legal representatives of disabled children (under 18 years) and one parent of a child with a disability under 23 years of age if the child receives vocational education. If the child is the disabled from childhood, his parents or guardians may exercise the right to free travel until they reach the age of 23.