The world’s oldest shark for the first time laid eggs in captivity

The world’s oldest shark for the first time laid eggs in captivity

Moscow. July 31. INTERFAX.RU — Zapovidna bull shark, which is considered the oldest in the world, for the first time in the history of the observations laid eggs in captivity, the press service of the Primorsky aquarium.

Biologists of the seaside aquarium have been breeding zapovednoj bull sharks as part of a special program. This species is little studied, and its reproduction is of great interest to science.

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“We are the first who has been able to achieve breeding it zapovednoj bull sharks in captivity,” — are reported words of the head of Department of maintenance of aquatic life of the tropical seas of the seaside aquarium Mikhail Streltsov.

According Primorsko scientists, science is aware of only one case of breeding in captivity, the sharks of this genus, but a different kind.

Five zapovednyh sharks appeared in the Primorsky Oceanarium in June 2016. The largest female was deposited separately from the other fish and moved on a special diet, where it doubled its weight. It has placed the male, and in a year the female laid four eggs. Soon expect the appearance of four more eggs.

First, there are threads, and the female seeks out a convenient place to attach the egg, carefully studied it, rubbing his head. Usually in the nature of sharks lay eggs in the caves on the rocks, so the aquarium is our female we also planted the stone, but she happened to like hose water intake. Once selecting the location, the shark every time does a laying here.Michael Stringcontainer of the Department of contents of aquatic organisms of the tropical seas of the seaside aquarium

After spawning to birth Akulenko egg will develop from seven months to a year.

Zapovidna bull shark belongs to the genus Raznatovic sharks (Heterodontus), which are represented by eight species. Of all the living sharks, they are the most ancient — live on Earth about 242 million years since the dinosaurs virtually unchanged. All modern sharks, they differ in that they are oviparous.

Lives zapovidna bull shark in the waters of the Indo-Pacific region, lives in shallow water. These predators belong to benthophages, feed mainly on sea urchins, invertebrates shrimp, crabs, mollusks, and occasionally fish.