The government of Tajikistan considered worse than Tehran “the Islamic state”

The government of Tajikistan considered worse than Tehran “the Islamic state”

Dushanbe accused in the murder of the tourists the Pro-Iranian opposition.

The terrorists of the “Islamic state” (IG; banned in Russia) has claimed responsibility for the murder of four tourists in Tajikistan. A group of foreigners on bicycles was first run over by a car and then finished off with weapons. However, Dushanbe has appointed another culprit of the incident. According to the Ministry of internal Affairs (MIA) of the Republic, the arrested criminal confessed that acted on behalf of the banned Islamic Renaissance Party of Tajikistan (IRPT) and studied in Iran. This is not the first accusation of the Tajik authorities in Tehran, however, their account of the first recorded murder of citizens of Western countries.

The night of July 31, the organization SITE, which monitors the actions of the militants on the Internet, published recognition of Islamic state terrorists in the attack on foreign tourists in Tajikistan. We will remind, the attack was carried out Sunday, July 29, in Dangara district. Video from the event can be seen as a car intentionally leaves the lane to knock down cyclists.

The attack killed two U.S. citizens and a citizen of Switzerland and a citizen of the Netherlands. Two citizens of Switzerland are now in hospital.

However, Dushanbe has voiced a very different version of what happened. As stated in the statement published on the website of the Ministry of interior of the Republic responsible for the terrorist attack is not ISIS, prohibited in the Republic of the Islamic Renaissance Party of Tajikistan. In this supposedly admitted only detainee party attack — Husein Abdusamadov. Four of his accomplices, according to the statement, was killed during the arrest, because the “armed resistance”. “Abdusamadov Husein, who was detained, confirmed that he in 2014-2015 in Iran received ideological and military and sabotage training. There he met with Navrhuje Obydovi nicknamed Cory-Nosir and joined the extremist group the Islamic Renaissance party”, — said on the website of the Tajik interior Ministry. It Navrhuje of Ubaidov, according to the investigation, and ordered the attack.

The Islamic Renaissance party of Tajikistan was banned in the country in 2015. She also listed the Regional anti-terrorist structure of the Shanghai cooperation organization (rats SCO).

Thanks Dushanbe has consistently opposed Iran from joining the SCO, accusing him of supporting the IRP. In September last year on the eve of the meeting of foreign Ministers of the SCO in the Tajik television showed a film, shot by order of the Ministry of interior. It arrested three members of the IRPT say that Iran allegedly financed their terrorist activities in the late 1990-ies and even issued Iranian passports to criminals could escape. According to the authors of the film, among the victims of the IRPT were Russian soldiers of the 201st division deployed in Tajikistan. However, the current charges Dushanbe to Tehran for the first time on the current events, not the events of 20 years ago.

Chairman of the National Association of political scientists of Tajikistan Abdugani Mamadazimov confirmed “Kommersant” that is the first charge of the IRPT in the new attack, and therefore this information should be checked carefully.

“This is all the latest action in Tajikistan held in an organization associated with ISIS,” said Mr Mamadazimov.

In addition, on account of the IRP first recorded murder of the citizens of the United States, Switzerland and the Netherlands. This is noteworthy because the Western countries and organizations have called the ban the IRP “another restriction of freedom of political expression and pluralism in the country.” The U.S. Embassy in Dushanbe has not yet commented on the accusation against the IRPT. In his yesterday’s statement said “the Embassy is grateful to the Tajik authorities for their rapid and professional response to the incident.”