The CPS gave recommendations on the choice of watermelons and cantaloupes

The CPS gave recommendations on the choice of watermelons and cantaloupes

In connection with the early season sales of gourds, the CPS was advised to follow a few rules when choosing watermelons and cantaloupes.

On the website of the Department said that selling melons along the roads and in our marketplace is prohibited. In such places are implemented melons sanitary examination, moreover, watermelons can absorb heavy metals contained in exhaust gases of vehicles.

In authorized places of business should pay attention to the full package of documents confirming the quality of crops, and the seller should have a personal medical book and data about the operative legal entity that realizes the products.

“Cut a piece to sample or cut the watermelon into pieces is strictly prohibited in the incision very quickly breed harmful microorganisms,” — said the Agency.

“A good, ripe watermelon large, has an integral cover, crust color, bright and contrast, a bright spot on its side, which lain the watermelon should be yellow, even orange. Ripe watermelon is necessarily covered with a hard, shiny crust, if the nail easily pierces the skin of the watermelon means that the watermelon immature. The tendril and the stalk of the Mature watermelon dry. When you hit with a palm of ripe watermelon vibrates when hitting the knuckle of the finger produces a moderately sonorous sound, when compressed along the longitudinal axis — a weak crunch,” said the CPS.

It is best to choose a watermelon of medium size, they should not be too heavy. Before use, melons should be washed thoroughly, and cut melons can be stored in the refrigerator.

If cut watermelon comes a sour smell, then it should not be used. Rules for the selection of water-melons and melons differ slightly.

“The melon opposite side from the tail should be slightly soft, if a solid, it is a sign that the melon is immature. If you click on the melon, the sound must be deaf. From the melon must come from the flavor, if not smell, the fruit’s not worth buying” — said in a Supervisory Agency.

In mid-July, CPS announced the regions with the most polluted drinking water has topped the anti-rating of the Vologda oblast.

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