Tartan took video of the lightning that struck in her phone

Tartan took video of the lightning that struck in her phone

The woman got off lightly and got a lesson for life.

A resident of the Scottish town of Galashiels Tracy Cutlural almost paid with his life for having decided to take video of the raging storm.

In late July, the woman together with his children and girlfriend were in the apartment when the street began a terrible storm. Tracy was so impressed apocalyptic landscapes that he decided to shoot it on your smartphone camera. First, she documented the events through a closed window, but apparently the effect and quality was not enough, and she opened the window wide open.

Cost the Scottish pronounce the phrase “I can hit shock” as she got what afraid. After a few seconds of lightning struck at her phone, noting on the video the blue flash.

During the download an error has occurred.

Dropping the gadget, Tracy in horror ran out of the room. The video also heard the cries of her children, who are seriously frightened of what happened.

Fortunately, Cutlural lucky and she got off with only easy fright. By the way the phone is, oddly enough, remained intact.

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