Confession smartpassiveincome. Correspondent Bi-bi-si has put experiment on itself

Confession smartpassiveincome. Correspondent Bi-bi-si has put experiment on itself

Using the trial version of iOS 12 the journalist checked who suffer heavier reliance on phone — it or 12-year-old girl. The result was slightly unexpected.

Word gets around about how dangerous reliance on smartphones and social networks. Technology companies trying to help consumers in the fight against this addiction, offering a variety of programs that allow you to control the time spent on mobile apps and social networks.

My colleagues on bi-Bi-si decided to conduct an experiment involving two people suffering from dependence on smartphones severe. One of the participants was 12-year-old girl, the second a middle-aged man.

The results of the experiment is ready: and we found that one participant in the experiment was a miserable person with a strong addiction to social networks, which almost did not unstuck from the screen of your smartphone. Another participant of the experiment was much more conscious smartphone user.

The first participant of the experiment — it’s me, Rory Kahlan Jones, and Yes — I smartphonetoday. I must admit I knew about it earlier, and the experiment in which we participated, together with the daughter of my colleague — and 12-year-old Lily — only confirmed my fears.

Each of us installed a trial version of Apple’s operating system — iOS 12 (full OS will be available for iPhone users in September).

In iOS there are 12 new features (including ScreenTime) that allow users to analyze and control the time that they spend on the phone, and also on individual mobile apps.

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There are similar functions on Android phones.

A function of ScreenTime, in particular, allows parents to monitor how a child uses a smart phone, so my colleague Jane Wakefield could analyze how her daughter uses a smartphone, and how to spend time. Although, frankly, in this case, perhaps, to look we would have more for me.