Arkady Rotenberg has responded to new EU sanctions

Arkady Rotenberg has responded to new EU sanctions

Businessman Arkady Rotenberg, has responded to the EU’s decision to impose new sanctions against the companies involved in the construction of Crimean bridge. Under the sanctions were “SGM” and “Mostotrest”, which are included in the sanctions list of the USA. The first company was the General contractor for the construction of the bridge, the second is the main subcontractor.

12фотографий12фотографий12фотографий”Our goal is to build a bridge. Car has already passed, go on it people. Now the guys are building the railway. We are all proud of their work, and if someone doesn’t like it, it’s not our problem”, — quotes the words of the billionaire in the Telegram channel his representative.

Russian Forbes estimates his fortune at $3 billion.

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Sanctions against companies entrepreneur was introduced on July 30. Under the new restrictions came as JSC “Institute Giprostroymost — Saint-Petersburg” (he designed the bridge), JSC “Shipbuilding plant “Zaliv” (got the contract for the construction of railway structures for approaches to the bridge), LLC “SGM-bridge” (which controls the bridge project) and JSC “WAD” (the contractor of the construction route “Tavrida” and autopatched to the bridge).

Crimean bridge — one of the largest in Russia, its length is 19 km. Its road portion of the cost 227,9 billion rubles was put into operation in may. Now it can drive only cars and buses. In autumn the bridge will also open up the movement of trucks. In 2019, on the Crimean bridge starts the movement of trains.

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