Trump called “failure” of the media

Trump called “failure” of the media

MOSCOW, 29 Jul — RIA Novosti. The US President Donald trump called on the media to accuracy in the news release, noting that publications like the New York Times and Washington Post will never change.

Previously, the owner of the newspaper New York Times Arthur Ochs Sulzberger stated that trump’s attacks on journalists contribute to the growth of threats and can result in violence against media workers.

“Freedom of the press includes the responsibility for the news feed for sure. 90% of the media coverage of my administration negatively, despite the extremely positive results that we achieve, it is not surprising that the credibility of the media as never low,” wrote trump on Twitter.

In his view, “disastrous” the New York Times and Washington Post “do nothing but write bad stories even about positive developments — and they will never change.”

The us President feuding with a number of media, calling them “enemies of the people” and “fake news.” Media in response criticize trump and publish regular leaks from the White house with incriminating information.

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