The owner of The New York Times urged trump to change the opinion about the media

The owner of The New York Times urged trump to change the opinion about the media

The publisher of the newspaper The New York Times Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, Jr. asked the President of the United States Donald trump are attentive to their statements to the journalists, stating that his words “not just controversial, but dangerous” for media workers.

According to the Associated Press, Sulzberger Jr. met privately with the head of the White house July 20. Details of the meeting were not disclosed, but trump first announced it on his Twitter on July 29. After that, the newspaper publisher has also decided to break the silence.

“Most of the meeting was devoted to a huge number of fake news published by media, and how these fake news have become “enemy of the people,” wrote the American leader.

Sulzberger Jr. claimed that the purpose of the meeting was “to discuss the deeply disappointing anti-media rhetoric of the President.”

“I told the President [of the Buddha], which, in my opinion, his words are not just controversial, but dangerous. I know he called journalists “enemies of the people”, I warned him that such inflammatory tone leads to threats against journalists,” — said the publisher, adding that all of trump’s words on the media are false.

According to Sulzberger Jr., style statements of the American President in the media adopt other leaders that “undermines the democratic ideals” of the United States.

Donald trump has repeatedly accused journalists in the issue of “fake news”. The “false” the American leader said TV channels CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC and The New York Times.