McCain has proposed a way to protect NATO from trump

McCain has proposed a way to protect NATO from trump

Republican Senator John McCain suggested at the legislative level to prohibit the President of the United States Donald Trump single-handedly make the decision on the country’s withdrawal from NATO. It is reported portal T-online

Together with several parliamentarians McCain introduced a bill under which the US withdrawal from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization would be impossible without the approval of the Senate.

“With this law, McCain wants to protect the transatlantic military Alliance from the American President,” according to the news portal.

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The Senator believes that the us leader “mistreated the USA’s allies in NATO”, therefore the American government had doubts about the commitment of Washington to NATO.

McCain said that NATO has made US such a successful and safe country. He added that the allies for 70 years sacrificed themselves “for the sake of a democratic peace based on security, human rights and the rule of law.”

Trump has previously questioned the need for a collective defense of the countries-members of NATO, which is protected by the fifth article of the North Atlantic Treaty.

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