Inflammation will cause to be treated

Inflammation will cause to be treated

The new technique will allow the address to deliver the drug without harming healthy cells.

Chemists from the University ITMO learn to use the increase in temperature and decrease in acidity, characteristic of inflammation, to fight with him. They modeled the means of delivering the medication, releasing it in the affected area of the body. While other tissues will not be affected. This makes the drug more effective and safe.

One of the most promising platforms for the delivery of medicines — metal-organic frameworks. These are porous polymers with the inclusion of metal. Computer simulation allows to predict the properties of such structures and choose the most appropriate for a particular drug.

Researchers from the ITMO University with the help of computer modeling found that a similar material based on manganese is destroyed by oxygen and hydrogen peroxide. Significant concentrations of these two substances characteristic of inflammation and swelling. This can be used in the development of delivery systems is needed in these cases medications.

In such tissue the cells are formed by reactive oxygen species. We have modeled how the simplest of them interact with the metal center of the frame. Elena Greencountry laboratory “solution chemistry of advanced materials and technologies” ITMO University

It turned out that the water of the studied structure is stable. But when you add oxygen and hydrogen peroxide (this increases the acidity of the medium) begins its destruction. The fact that manganese ions in contact with oxygen and cause deformation of the porous structure. The accumulation of such damage leads to the destruction of the material. A temperature increase accelerates this process. And so, if the load in the pore the medicine in the body it will be released everywhere. This will happen only where there is inflammation.

According to scientists, is now passed the initial phase of research. Now researchers plan to move on to the modeling of the whole frame and loading of substances in its pores. This will allow you to understand how the capture molecules of the drug, to choose the most optimal structure of the polymer.

This is quite an ambitious goal. But we believe that such studies will help to purposefully create a truly effective and safe drugs.Michael Polyscistic lab

As have informed “news” the head of the laboratory of molecular biology and biochemistry, First Moscow state medical University named after I. M. Sechenov Andrei Zamyatnin, with the help of reactive oxygen species (ROS) in living cells signal its status.

— As a rule, the increase in ROS levels indicates that you are in the disease process, including inflammation. Sure design that allows you to allocate specific substances in response to such increase, will find application not only in the correction of inflammatory processes. It can also be used in the treatment of cancer, neurodegeneration, and a number of other socially significant diseases of man, — said Andrei Zamyatnin.