“Cryptocurrency king” winnick was allowed to extradite Russian

“Cryptocurrency king” winnick was allowed to extradite Russian

A Greek court allowed the extradition to Moscow of Russian Alexander winnick, whom the US suspected of laundering four billion dollars for cryptocurrency exchange, and in Russia — fraud. This was reported by lawyer Timothy Musatov, reports on Monday, July 30, RIA Novosti.

The lawyer also said that during the meeting it was stated the application for amendment winnick the measure of restraint on house arrest. “The request has not been granted. The judge said neither Yes nor no. She said, will make the decision when issuing the text of the decision on extradition,” said Musatov.

Thus, the court granted for the second request of the Prosecutor General of Russia to extradite the men.

In mid-July, the court also allowed the extradition of Russian citizen of France, which accuses winnik in extortion and money laundering as part of the criminal group. In addition, at the end of 2017 the Supreme court of Greece upheld the decision to extradite Russian to USA. There the man faces up to 55 years in prison and a multimillion-dollar fine. The final decision about his fate to be taken by the Minister of justice of Greece.

Winnick was arrested on 25 July 2017, when he spent holidays in the North of Greece. In March and April of 2018 male appealed to the Prosecutor General of Russia, statements about the confession, where he admitted to hacking, and money laundering in especially large size. It was also reported that it was going to be poison in the prison of Thessaloniki, resorting to the help of criminal elements.