Wife Kobzon said that he visited Tereshkova

Wife Kobzon said that he visited Tereshkova

MOSCOW, 28 Aug — RIA Novosti. Wife of people’s artist of USSR and state Duma Deputy Joseph Kobzon Nelli Kobzon said that he visited the first woman-cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova, and thanked everyone who cares about the artist, and asked them to continue wishing him good health.

Earlier media reported about the hospitalization of Kobzon. A source in the state Duma told RIA Novosti, the first Deputy head of state Duma Committee on culture is in serious but stable condition. On Saturday the TV channel REN TV reported that Kobzon went into a coma, and his condition deteriorated last night. Sister of Joseph Kobzon and Gelena RT denied information about his falling into a coma.

“Valentina (Tereshkova — ed.) — Yes, she came to the hospital last Friday, as many listed the names, who cares to say Hello, at me even the head did not meet… He was smiling when he saw Valentina Vladimirovna. I was very pleased… And of Alexey Arkhipovich Leonov all the time come to us good words”, — said Nelly Kobzon radio “KP”.

She also added that anyone with any statements about the health Kobzon does not and never did, as human health “is a private matter of himself, family and close friends.”

In addition, Nelly Kobzon, answering the question about the various rumors concerning the status of the artist, said he did not know “where people take it”. “So not going to comment on that,” she added.

“I am very grateful to all the people — so much warmth, so many greetings… I would just like to ask all who are concerned, continue to desire Joseph Davydovich good, good energy, health,” — she said radio “KP”.