VAPI contribute to the development of oral cancer, say scientists

VAPI contribute to the development of oral cancer, say scientists

The use of wapow increases the risk of developing cancer of the oral cavity about as much as Smoking regular cigarettes, said scientists who spoke at the Congress of the International Association of dentists the American of Alexandria.

MOSCOW, 29 Jul — RIA Novosti. “Our analysis showed that the majority of people who use nicotine in any other form except tobacco get about the same or even more carcinogens that can cause oral cancer as regular smokers. All this threatens their health,” said Benjamin Chaffee (Benjamin Chaffee) of the University of California San Francisco (USA).

In the last two years due to the rapid growth of popularity of electronic cigarettes among smokers, scientists have been interested in whether such evaporators are those useful properties, which they attribute to their manufacturers, and how they are less harmful than regular cigarettes.

These studies have led to conflicting results, in whole tobacco smoke is more dangerous to the health of the lungs and the body, but the evaporation of electronic cigarettes, as learned scholars, contain numerous carcinogens and toxins, produced as a result of “burning” part of the evaporated liquid on the filament.

Recently American doctors have discovered by experimenting on mice that Smoking wapow can make the walls of the arteries and veins more brittle and can lead to serious heart problems, and also found that vaporizers nicotine is not discourage, and attract people to the real cigarettes, contrary to what their manufacturers say.

Chaffee and his colleagues discovered another negative trait of wapow studying how much of the carcinogenic derivatives of nicotine contained in the blood and waste products lovers of regular cigarettes and similar vaporizers.
In total, the scientists collected samples of urine and blood in approximately a thousand people, which continues or has already quit Smoking, get analyzed and compared them.