The factors of choice of billionaires countries to live in

The factors of choice of billionaires countries to live in

Billionaires, choosing a country to live, first consider the level of security, corruption and inequality, not tax rates. To such conclusion have come the main scientific employee Central economic-mathematical Institute, RAS Vladimir Popov

The results of the study on 28 July publishes RBC. The publication notes that in their work, priests used regression analysis and was based on a global ranking of billionaires Forbes, the GDP in the countries under review, global rating of happiness, income distribution (Gini coefficient), and the homicide rate.

In the end, the scientist came to the conclusion that the relationship between the tax rate and the concentration of super-rich people is negligible. This, in particular, due to the fact that money allows you to hire professionals able to provide a lower or zero rate for your customer by using loopholes in the legislation.

Popov drew attention to the fact that billionaires are willing to choose the rich and developed tax havens such as Hong Kong, Monaco and Liechtenstein. At the same time in less developed countries with low or zero personal income tax, including Bahrain, Kuwait and Oman, the concentration of the rich is much lower than in the countries with the highest level of this tax (for example, Denmark, Germany, Ireland).

In addition, the researcher came to the conclusion that billionaires are attracted to countries with low levels of financial inequality and a higher quality of life. Indicator latest indicator would be the international ranking of happiness published by the United Nations. This year, on top of it was Finland, the top 10 also included Australia, Sweden, New Zealand, Netherlands, Canada, Switzerland, Iceland and Denmark.