The children of Russian oligarchs left of the British school

The children of Russian oligarchs left of the British school

The number of students in British schools children from Russia over the past three years has decreased by 40 percent. It is reported The Telegraph, citing data from the independent schools Council (ISC), which represents 1.3 thousand private training establishments in the UK.

According to estimates by ISC in 2015 the British school 2795 Russian children in April 2018, the number has dropped to 1699. The Council did not specify what led to such numbers. The publication writes that the whole thing steadily deteriorating in recent years, the relations between great Britain and Russia. “The economic realities of a new Cold war is beginning to bite,” — said in the text.

In April, the centre launched a project under the name Highly Likely Welcome Back, or “go home!”, in which offered to the students in foreign universities the students return to Russia and to continue their education at major national universities like MGIMO. First and foremost, the program was aimed at students in the UK.

Relations between Moscow and London began to deteriorate after the annexation of Crimea and the crash of the Malaysian Boeing in the sky over the Donbas, which the Western countries accused Russia. Later the country was suspected of meddling in elections in the US and the UK and also cyber-attacks around the world. The latest scandal was linked to the poisoning of the “Newcomer” ex-GRU Colonel Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia.