SKOLKOVO artificial intelligence taught to predict the growth of plants

SKOLKOVO artificial intelligence taught to predict the growth of plants

The dynamics of plant growth can be predicted using computer vision and machine learning methods.

The system created by scientists from the SKOLKOVO Institute of science and technology (Skoltech), told in the press service of the University on July 27.

The method was developed by the specialists of the Space center, and the Center for scientific and engineering computing technology for tasks with large data sets.

To predict the increase in plant biomass will be based on 2D and 3D images. Recording the growth of plants in artificial soilless system using 3D cameras, scientists have found a link between the increase in the total biomass of the plants and increase the total surface area of all leaves, which were measured using the 2D-camera. Based on the measurements we built a dynamic model of plant growth.

“This system uses machine learning for modeling plant growth and prediction of its dynamics”, — quotes Agency TASS reported the press service.

This method will reduce the cost of forecasting systems. The development will help to fight hunger in developing countries to ensure food security and improve economic efficiency of agriculture.

The results obtained will help space agencies to choose plants for long expeditions into space. The method will predict the amount of water, oxygen and the necessary substances for the establishment of Autonomous life support systems.