Eight police officers injured in chase near Irkutsk

Eight police officers injured in chase near Irkutsk

In the Irkutsk region nine people, including eight policemen, were injured during the pursuit violated traffic rules by the car. About it reported in a press-service GU MVD in the region.

The incident occurred at about 01:00 local time on 29 July (20:00 GMT July 28).

“The driver did not obey demands to stop, repeatedly created a dangerous emergency. During the pursuit the vehicle was detained in the district Irkutnogo bridge. But when placing materials on offense another motorist crashed into a traffic police”, — quotes the representative of the police Agency TASS.

Eight victims were sent to the hospital, another victim hospitalization is not required.

According to the website of the TV channel REN-TV, citing witnesses, the offender is 23-year-old Nicholas D. — received gunshot wounds. The young man broke the rules and tried to escape from traffic police, which the police had to open fire on the car wheels. The driver stopped on the bridge, but patrol car entered the car.

Earlier on 28 July, three people died in a serious accident with five cars near Perm.