“Time to work”. Netizens said about the three most hated words

“Time to work”. Netizens said about the three most hated words

And some of them close to everyone.

In Twitter there is a new mob under the hashtag #3WordsICannotStand (Three unbearable words).

Users in three words write about what they care about, or annoying more than anything.

At first people wrote on political and social issues, but soon the mob became more relaxed and funny in nature. Some words are really close to many.

Diet and exercise.#3WordsICannotStand

— Dirtbox Murphy (@NeilMurphy327) July 26, 2018

Diet and exercise

The weekend was Over s #3WordsICannotStand pic.twitter.com/7xiTxC2IDs

— Redhead?♀app Mermaid (@MischievousLiz) July 26, 2018

The weekend is over

Flight is canceled

— Alisa D Strickland (@alisadalestrick) July 26, 2018

Flight cancelled

It’s Monday morning. #3WordsICannotStand pic.twitter.com/4L3ZyJqsrN

— ❀ Sɪᴍᴏɴᴇ Bʀᴀɴɴᴏɴ ❀ (@Simbra75) July 26, 2018

Monday morning


Low Power Mode

— Jeffrey Mirabello (@JeffMirabello) July 26, 2018

Power saving mode is enabled

Licence & registration please #3WordsICannotStand

— JaKe W………………………………….?? (@colbywinters) July 26, 2018

License and registration, please

To be continued pic.twitter.com/XBVHE07iNH

— tracyface (@floralcitygrl) July 26, 2018

To be continued

Can we talk?#3WordsICannotStand pic.twitter.com/7PNKJwi2yE

— DavaStarr (@DavaStarr) July 26, 2018

Can we talk?

No dogs allowed. #3WordsICannotStand pic.twitter.com/XM0cmoe7pn

— Lauren Bird Horowitz (@birdaileen) July 26, 2018

The dogs are not allowed

No More Food!#3WordsICannotStand

— Roe”s Ghost (@RoeGhost) July 26, 2018

There’s no more food

#3WordsICannotStand Time For Work pic.twitter.com/62r2jcTjdO

— Lisa ? (@Lisaley) July 26, 2018

Time to work

This won’t hurt (It always does!) #3WordsICannotStand

— Carol of NJ (@CarolOfNJ) July 26, 2018

It doesn’t hurt (it always hurts)