The UN was short of money

The UN was short of money

The United Nations has resulted in “alarming financial situation”. This is stated in the statement of the representative of the UN Secretary General Stefan Dujarric.

According to him, the current shortage of funds, different from those observed previously. “Cash flow has never been so low and so early in the year. The concern is the rising trend: the money we end early, and in the “red zone” we are all longer,” said Dujarric.

This is mainly because of delays in contributions, but also in connection with the failure of a number of States. So, by the end of June members of the United Nations has made in the budget of 1.49 billion, while a year earlier the amount was 1.7 billion. Among the debtors are Iraq, Moldova, Japan, Lithuania and Mexico (about 810 million), and 81 countries are still not paid in principle.

In this regard, the representative of the Secretary General urged countries to timely and fully pay the required amount. He noted that the UN does not have great financial flexibility and relies on member States. Dujarric added that the organization will also examine ways to reduce costs.