The editors of Forbes complained in Prosecutor’s office for the disappeared magazine article

The editors of Forbes complained in Prosecutor’s office for the disappeared magazine article

From the latest issue of the journal is missing the text about the business of the Magomedov brothers.

The editors of the Russian edition of Forbes today appealed to the Moscow Prosecutor’s office, told “Vedomosti” two employees of the magazine. According to them, yesterday, July 25, we received from the press the latest issue of Forbes in August, where it did not find article “family matters” journalists Sergey Titov and Helen Berezansky about business brothers Ziyavudin and Magomed Magomedov. These businessmen are accused of plunder of 2,5 billion rubles.

The correspondent of “Vedomosti” convinced that articles of Magomedov in the August issue of Forbes (room 08/2018) no. After the publication of the material article is about Magomedov appeared on the Forbes website.

The representative of holding “Amount” brothers Magomedov told “Vedomosti” that the company and its shareholders had no claims to the magazine at the stage of writing an article about their business, not any of these claims after the company read the text, published on the Forbes website.

The article was laid out and put into a room, he was appointed acting chief editor of Forbes by Mykola Masorini, said one of the sources of “Vedomosti”, but in the end the printed magazine came out short material of another author on another topic. The change occurred without the knowledge of the authors of the text and Mazurina, you know, the interlocutors of “Vedomosti”.

According to them, so Mazurin and asked the Prosecutor — in the opinion of the editorial Board, such actions violate the media law, in particular article 19, on which no one has the right to interfere in the activities of the editorial staff, including its founder.

The founder of the Russian Forbes “AC Rus media” (part of the publishing house ACMG, founded by Alexander Fedotov).

Mazurin has confirmed to Vedomosti that the person has applied to the Prosecutor’s office and requested an investigation of possible violations of the law on mass media in connection with the absenteeism of articles about Magomedov: “the Prosecutor’s office we came together with the authors of the article”. At the meeting of the editorial Board Mazurin showed colleagues the statement itself and the stamp of acceptance of the document by the Prosecutor’s office, said the source “Vedomosti”.

The editors do not know who gave the order about removal of the article and how it happened, sources say “Vedomosti”. In a statement, the journalists are asked to determine who it was.

The representative of the Moscow Prosecutor’s office declined to comment. A source in the Prosecutor’s office confirmed that the editors of Forbes filed a complaint.

Material “family matters” currently being finalized, the move from the August issue of Forbes is associated with the comments of the legal service of the edition, told “Vedomosti” a representative of the publisher/

The publication will cause a series of lawsuits to protect honor, dignity and business reputation and, as a consequence, the economic risks associated with compensation of moral harm, damages, and costs on the judicial process, which inevitably will suffer the economic, reputational and ethical risks for the magazine.the press service of the ACMG

There are “ethical side” of the issue, the ACMG representative: “international standards of journalism, our own experiences and practices of colleagues from Forbes USA indicate that among editions, there is a single principle — not to publish materials about the suspects or defendants who potentially can influence the investigation”.

The American media regularly publish articles about people and companies accused of crimes in lawsuits. For example, the American Forbes has released a number of texts about Harvey Weinstein, accused of sexual harassment, made sure to “Vedomosti”.

Forbes journalists have repeatedly accused Fedotov of meddling in the editorial policy of the publication, which is expressly prohibited by the media law.

The first edition of conflict and Fedotov became public after Forbes released a ranking of the salaries of top managers in 2016 without assessing the remuneration of the Chairman of the Board VTB Andrey Kostin. Journalists Fedotov wrote a letter in which he suggested that the lack of evaluation salaries Kostina was his decision. Later at the trial in 2017, the author of a rating Elena Berezanskaya testified that Fedotov insisted on the exclusion of data on Kostin. Another Forbes journalist on the same court cited other evidence of the intervention of the owner in editorial policy. Recently Fedotov dismissed from the post of chief editor Nikolai Uskov. He then publicly told how Fedotov intervened in the editorial work, although such facts are denied.

Until the fall of 2015, Forbes, OK! Geo and “Gala Biography” in Russia was issued by the publishing house Axel Springer. In September, the German company said that due to new restrictions on foreigners in the media (from 2016 may not own more than 20% of the company — publisher, media) sold the Russian subdivision to the owner of the publishing house Artcom Media Alexander Fedotov (publishes the magazines L’officiel, Numero, Port, SNC).