Scientists have built the tiniest house in the world

Scientists have built the tiniest house in the world

MOSCOW, 27 Jun — RIA Novosti. The French engineers of the Institute Femto-ST in Besancon could build the tiniest house in the world with a height of only 15 micrometers, writes the magazine Popular Mechanics.

It is noted that the house was placed on the surface of the optical fiber, the thickness of which is less than a human hair.

For house construction engineers used a unique system uRobotex.

Its principle of operation is based on the interaction of several microscopic robots that are able to create smaller structures.

The operation of these robots was controlled by several computers, the Assembly house was carried out in a vacuum chamber, and by the Assembly process, the researchers observed through a microscope.

In the future engineers want to fully automate the build process of this system and to create microscopic structures with size up to one hundred nanometers.

According to scientists, the technology has a large range of applications, in particular, the microstructures can penetrate into the blood vessels for optical detection of viruses or bacteria, or can be used for the precise calibration of the spacecraft.