Putin gave Trump the ball with the “bug”. Seriously?! Analysis Hi-Tech

Putin gave Trump the ball with the “bug”. Seriously?! Analysis Hi-Tech

Many media outlets are discussing a chip that US intelligence agencies allegedly found in a ball that Vladimir Putin gave to Donald Trump. Headlines flashed the word “bug”, “transmitter”, “the wire.” Hi-Tech Mail.Ru understand, whether really the President of Russia decided to learn the secrets of the White house through the ball.

9фотографий9фотографий9фотографийWhat happened?

In mid-July at a summit in Helsinki, Russian President Vladimir Putin gave the President of the United States Donald Trump-branded soccer ball from adidas. This played at the recent world Cup in Russia.

“We have completed and successfully held the football world Cup. What about the ball… Now the ball is on his side”, — said Vladimir Putin has presented to the colleague TelstarTelstarTelstar 18 — is the name of the ball..

In a week there was the news that US secret service checked the gift and cringed. The ball trump revealed suspicious “transmitter” or a “bug”! In fact, check any gifts that fall into the White house — standard procedure.

The newsyou Have Gmail? Read it not just you

However, for the story first caught the American press, and then picked up and disseminated by the Russian media.

So this “bug”?!

No. Just, no. Well, what’s another “bug”?

All the official goals of the 2018 world Cup pročipirovany adidas. And football the ball, which gave Trump was no exception. The thing is that inside a regular NFC chips that are synchronized with the smartphone and allow the user access to exclusive football content. This product information, news, competitions and challenges. To see this, just read the description of the ball: