Debts of Russians on housing and communal services increased by 18%

Debts of Russians on housing and communal services increased by 18% Debts of Russians in respect of which the court decision on recovery, on June 1 amounted to 4.4 trillion rubles. This “Izvestia” said the Federal service of court bailiffs (FSSP). It is noted that the average size of the debt declined by 2.3 thousand rubles and amounted to 92,2 thousand rubles. With 40% debt (1.7 trillion rubles) falls on obligations to banks, and the number of industries for housing and communal services for the year grew by 18% — from 2.7 million in 2017 to 3.2 million in 2018. In the first quarter of the citizens paid 10.6 billion rubles of debts for ZHKU 1.8 trillion roubles to banks. According to experts, most of the outstanding loans generated by loans that were issued in 2014-2015 under high interest rates. See also: Debts up to 100 thousand rubles will deduct

Many children are named cause of accelerated aging

Many children are named cause of accelerated aging Scientists at northwestern University (USA) concluded that women with several children, there are signs of accelerated cellular aging. About it reported in a press release on MedicalXpress. The study involved about a thousand Filipino women aged 20-22 years. Under this 102 women had two children and 28 with three children. A total of 507 participants were never pregnant, the other two had only one child. Scientists have studied they are the biological markers of aging, such as telomere length and epigenetic age, that is, the number of epigenetic changes, which usually increases with age. It turned out that every birth of a child caused cellular changes equivalent to aging, on the average, on 0,5−2 years. Thus, the telomere “aging” 0.34 to 3.67 years, and epigenetic age increased by 0.29 to 0.63. Although early pregnancy has a stronger effect on the shortening of

Scientists have built the tiniest house in the world

Scientists have built the tiniest house in the world MOSCOW, 27 Jun — RIA Novosti. The French engineers of the Institute Femto-ST in Besancon could build the tiniest house in the world with a height of only 15 micrometers, writes the magazine Popular Mechanics. It is noted that the house was placed on the surface of the optical fiber, the thickness of which is less than a human hair. For house construction engineers used a unique system uRobotex. Its principle of operation is based on the interaction of several microscopic robots that are able to create smaller structures. The operation of these robots was controlled by several computers, the Assembly house was carried out in a vacuum chamber, and by the Assembly process, the researchers observed through a microscope. In the future engineers want to fully automate the build process of this system and to create microscopic structures with size

The Embassy of the Russian Federation expects to hear the opinion of Yulia Skripal about the incident in Salisbury

Julia Skripal © Dylan Martinez/Pool via AP LONDON, July 27. /TASS/. The Russian Embassy in London expects to hear the opinion of the daughter of ex-GRU Colonel Sergei Skripal – Julia – about the incident in Salisbury and hoped that she would have the opportunity to get acquainted with the Russian assessment of what happened. This was stated on Friday the press-Secretary of Russian diplomatic mission in the UK, responding to a question regarding the ongoing isolation of Yulia Skripal and the request to comment on her recent telephone conversation with my cousin Victoria. It is not known “The content of this conversation we reliably know nothing. The Embassy can neither confirm nor deny published about this information, including the fact that the British side is in breach of its international obligations still not gave us the opportunity to talk with Julia Skripal. This is not the first public statement,

Putin summed up the results of the BRICS summit and spoke about the relations with the United States

© Mikhail Metzel/TASS JOHANNESBURG, July 27. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin, who took part in the BRICS summit (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa), said the rejection of economic sanctions one of the main points of the Declaration of the BRICS. On taken place on Friday a press conference following the summit, Putin also spoke about what the initiative was enshrined in the final Declaration. Answering questions of journalists, the Russian President spoke about relations between Russia and the United States, expressed his opinion about the dollar as reserve currency and recalled that the head of the White house Donald trump an invitation to visit Moscow. The Russian leader also answered questions about Ukraine and Syria. The results of the summit One of the main points of the Johannesburg Declaration of the BRICS summit, Putin called the rejection of economic sanctions. “Approved the Declaration of Johannesburg, the main point

SK filed a case over the disappearance of a journalist in Nizhny Novgorod

SK filed a case over the disappearance of a journalist in Nizhny Novgorod The investigative Department of the Investigative Committee of Russia in Nizhny Novgorod region opened a criminal case on the fact of disappearance of the journalist Sergei Grachev told RIA Novosti on Friday the senior assistant Minister Yulia Sklyarova. The correspondent of the Publishing house “Arguments and facts” Buchanan went missing during a business trip to Nizhny Novgorod. He was last seen leaving the Sheraton hotel on July 21. After that Grachev’t go out and no one saw him, the phone is disconnected. “Investigative management of SK of Russia across the Nizhniy Novgorod region on the fact of the disappearance of journalist Sergei Grachev prosecuted. Currently, insurance investigators together with operational officers of the police carried out the complex of investigative actions and search actions directed on establishment of all circumstances of the incident,” — said Sklyarov. Under

In Russia may introduce a car recycling fee for bicycles

In Russia may introduce a car recycling fee for bicycles MOSCOW, 27 Jun — RIA Novosti. The Ministry of industry and trade of the Russian Federation is considering the option of entering a recycling fee on bikes and bike frames, reported RIA Novosti the representative office. “Currently, the Ministry of industry and trade considering the possible mechanisms of introduction of utilization fee in respect of bicycles and Bicycle frames. While the basic parameters specified recycling collection will be discussed in conjunction with the Ministry of natural resources of Russia”, — told RIA Novosti the representative of the Ministry. Prior to this, the Ministry has developed amendments to the law of 24 June 1998 No. 89-FZ “On wastes of production and consumption”, giving the government the authority to determine certain types of engineering products in respect of which it is planned to establish a recycling fee and procedure of its administration

The white house called the condition of trump’s visit to Moscow

The white house called the condition of trump’s visit to Moscow The President of the United States Donald trump is ready to visit Moscow as soon as I receive an official invitation, said the press Secretary of the White house Sarah Sanders. 9фотографий9фотографий9фотографий “President trump hopes that President Putin will arrive in Washington after the first year [working on a post of the President after the elections], and it is open for visiting Moscow after receiving the official invitation”, — quotes Reuters the words of Sanders. On Friday the President of Russia Vladimir Putin has informed that has invited trump to come to Moscow. He called a meeting with the President of the United States useful and added that he is ready himself to come to Washington, but only “if there will be created appropriate conditions for work.” Previously, trump has invited Putin to visit Washington this fall. But on

Source: Joseph Kobzon hospitalized

Source: Joseph Kobzon hospitalized MOSCOW, July 26. /TASS/. The first Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on culture, singer Iosif Kobzon hospitalized, told TASS on Thursday, a source in the lower house of Parliament. “He is hospitalized”, — said the interlocutor of the Agency, explaining that the 80-year-old singer is in critical condition. In June, the media reported that the singer was hospitalized in one of Moscow oncological centers with complaints to deterioration of health. Joseph Kobzon is a Soviet and Russian singer, Deputy of the state Duma of the Russian Federation. Laureate of the State prize of the USSR (1984), Lenin Komsomol prize (1976), prize of the government of the Russian Federation (2011).

Solved the problem of “black smoke” from pipes “Admiral Kuznetsov”

Solved the problem of “black smoke” from pipes “Admiral Kuznetsov” Modernization of combustion system, nozzle part and energy management will allow to solve the problem “black smoke” from the chimneys of the only Russian aircraft carrier “Admiral Kuznetsov”, said TASS, the scientific Director of Krylov state scientific center Valery Polovinkin. According to him, currently, “the initiative Krylovskiy center conducts relevant research”. “We know, figuratively speaking, the weaknesses of this ship, and will offer fleet solutions for their modernization. We are talking primarily about energy. Review problems not only of economy but also ecology,” said Polovinkin. The expert noted that the problem with the “black smoke” from pipes “Admiral Kuznetsov” will solve the modernization of the system of combustion, the nozzle part and energy management. “As for the famous asbestos, which covered the boilers of the ship, there is a way out. We have created eco-friendly polymeric materials, resistant to high