In Yakutia three hours the sun disappeared

In Yakutia three hours the sun disappeared

Remember, Korney Chukovsky wrote, “Woe! Woe! Crocodile sun in the sky swallowed”? The residents of Yakutia will long shudder from this children’s poem, because last Friday, July 20, Eveno-Bytantayskiy, Verkhoyansk and Zhigansk areas from 11:00 to 14:00 local time suddenly plunged into darkness. The explanation for this macabre incident is still there.

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Witnesses said that at first, everything happening was like approaching strong thunderstorm around 11 am it started to get dark. However, while the sky was painted in red and yellow, and the sun just disappeared from the horizon.

People were terrified, and they began to make the most incredible assumptions about what happened. Some seriously argued that the invasion of aliens, or fell to the Ground a meteorite, but others felt that it in solar Eclipse or a secret nuclear weapons tests.

However, none of these hypotheses was not confirmed officially.

Local authorities refer to forest fires in may in the region burned dozens of acres of forest, but the fires are far away from settlements. Moreover, residents noted that there is no burning smell in the air was not felt. But it was the dust that settled in the barrels with water and on the surface of the lakes, and after the sun returned to the sky three hours later, on the street noticeably colder.

Foreign sources, meanwhile, indicate that the satellites NASA on Friday recorded in the mountain range on the border of the Bulun and Verkhoyansk districts a powerful flash and a sharp increase in background radiation in the stratosphere, and the next day in the area it was possible to observe increased activity of the Russian military. What is true is anyone’s guess.