The United States decided to punish the employment of North Koreans

The United States decided to punish the employment of North Koreans

The U.S. government threatened fines and lawsuits to companies using labour from North Korea. A statement published on the Department’s website. The ban not only direct employment, but also any use of the citizens of the DPRK in the entire chain of production of goods.

The document contains the list of the countries, industries and organizations over the past two years attracted salaried workers from the DPRK. Among them, construction, pharmacy, catering, IT.

“China and Russia continue to accept more North Korean workers than all other countries combined,” the statement reads. But Moscow and Beijing in the list of countries, mostly representatives from Asia, Africa and South America. Special attention is paid to Qatar, which is preparing to host the world Cup 2022 and is actively building the stadiums and infrastructure.

It is noted that only about 30 percent of the salary eventually goes to the employee. The rest goes to the authorities of North Korea.

The workers have all the necessary documents so that they can be distinguished from refugees. Passport last, as a rule, hold the power.

Often workers are held not by themselves but through a special firm, the document says. These companies prepare themselves a contract of employment, which lacks many important details and not determined by the final recipient of the fee.