The birthday boy took a picture of his solitude and found hundreds of friends

The birthday boy took a picture of his solitude and found hundreds of friends

A Reddit user with the nickname JerichoJames remained in the birthday one and showed visitors how he celebrated this day.

“Where I am these days, not so much loved ones or family members, so I made a picture to celebrate his birthday,” wrote the user.

Don’t have many close friends or family where I live these days, so I took a picture to celebrate my birthday. from r/pics

Lonely birthday boy has earned the support of visitors of an entertainment website, began excitedly to congratulate him. “We’re all your friends here .. happy birthday!” the user writes 120911. “Happy birthday, stranger!” — echoed mcflannelman.

Some noted that the story JerichoJames — “the saddest man ever depicted in one photograph.”

Sympathy for his position was filled by many. Someone promptly offered to celebrate a birthday together. “Where are you? I have a bottle of tequila and a trampoline that we can share,” said Dont_be_stinky.

People addressed to the birthday hundreds of comments with words of support and compliments. They even managed to discuss Wallpaper, against which he was sitting. “This Wallpaper? I thought he was sitting in front of a giant gift, wrapped in Alpaca, and a cactus,” said desi_geek.

To support JerichoJames in the comments “come” and others. “I, too, on his own, so I understand you, but hope your day was filled with some joy! Maybe next year our birthdays will be better,” he wished skyrimisreallyfun.