Russians warned about the possible closing all visa centers

Russians warned about the possible closing all visa centers

Moscow. July 26. INTERFAX.RU — the Criteria for granting accreditation, which is offered to introduce the deputies, such that none of the existing visa application centres to.

The introduction of mandatory accreditation, the companies operating visa application centres (VAC) in Russia, could lead to their closing and the appearance of a huge queues at the consulates, said on Thursday “Interfax”press Secretary of the Russian Union of travel industry (PCT) Irina Tyurina.

“Today in Russia there are six companies that control the visa service centers under the brands of VFS Global, GVCW — SVC, Greece, VMS — Italy, BLS — Spain, India, TLS UK, Switzerland, Belgium, the Pony Express. Information about each is contained in the state register of legal entities and published in open sources,” — said Turina.

According to her, the proposal for the amendments to the FZ-114 “On the procedure of exit and entry to Russia” received last week from the deputies of “United Russia”. The amendments require the laying on of the MFA of Russia the functions of mandatory accreditation for all providers of Russians mediation services for visas.

Unattainable criteria

To receive accreditation, will need the presence of the operator’s branches (representative offices) not less than 20 RF subjects and the maximum percentage of foreign participation in the authorized capital shall not exceed 20%. Also be sure that the applicant of technical means for the processing of confidential information (including biometric personal data), certified in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation. In addition, it is required not less than three years experience in the field of collection and processing of documents for receiving visa for and on behalf of diplomatic missions and consular offices.

The criteria for granting accreditation is now such that none of the existing operators of VTS to obtain it will not. At least on one point — foreign participation in the Charter capital — none of them will offer the accreditation of the foreign Ministry. All foreign embassies in Russia will either have to change service providers, or to suspend the activities of visa centers.Irina Twinpress Secretary of the Russian Union of travel industry (PCT)

According to her, none of the Russian firm will not be able to meet all the requirements of the bill. “For example, as a temporary solution to the company-the holder of the contract with the Embassy could convey the operational management of SVTs, including the collection of applicants’ personal data, one sub-contractor is a Russian legal entity.

Suppose, for a short time this legal entity would open 20 branches in different cities and obtain the necessary certificates of conformity to the law 152-FZ, which is already out of science fiction. But where did this suddenly come from legal entities three years experience in the provision of visa services?”, — said Turina.