Netizens got into a huge fight over the dog, who rode on the seat in the train

Netizens got into a huge fight over the dog, who rode on the seat in the train

The railway company stood on the side of the dog.

A girl named Vanessa posted on Twitter funny photos taken in a British train. In the passenger seat, drove a huge black poodle, which seems to have been very happy with my trip.

“Best passenger”, — signed photo of the girl and her tweet Apostoli representatives of the railway company Virgin Trains, which belongs to train.

The best passenger ever on @VirginTrains

— Vanessa (@VanBird) July 23, 2018

NewsDog helps the owner in a wheelchair

It would seem that such a cute picture with happy dog should invoke emotion, but there it was. Users of the social network entered into a serious dispute as to whether the animal is to sit in the passenger seat.

Some wrote that it is a pure shame and “dirty” the dog must sit exclusively on the floor. Others noted that there is nothing wrong in that home, the dog took the empty seat.

On the side of a joyful dog stood and the railroad, noting that it would be better in such cases to have a special rug that you can lay on a chair, but without it no tragedy that happened there.

I’ve never seen anyone so smiley. Tooo cute.

— Christopher Golds (@chrisgolds) July 23, 2018

I’ve never met anyone with such a smile. Very nice.

Excellent: paw scratches and dog shit streaks for the next passenger

— davidjwbailey (@davidjwbailey) July 23, 2018

Great. Scratches and traces of dog excrement for the next passenger.

His parents said this is his preferred way to travel. He’s so perfectly behaved too. Much better than other people

— Vanessa (@VanBird) July 23, 2018

His owner decided that it would be better. The dog is well-mannered. A lot more than some people.

Don’t get me wrong I love dogs, but they shouldn’t be sat on seats whatsoever. Passengers wearing suits are likely to need to sit on that seat. Dogs should be kept on the floor.

— Stephen Jacobsen (@Ironman_Ste) July 24, 2018

Don’t get me wrong. I love dogs, but they don’t have to sit on the seats. Passengers in suits, likely to sit in this place. Dogs must be kept on the floor.

I’d the misfortune recently of sitting opposite a woman who picked her nose and blew put the tissues on the seat and slurped stinking chips and curry sauce wafting everywhere – a dog ? would be preferable to her and most people any day ?

— Lisa Gasometer (@MsGasometer) July 23, 2018

I had the misfortune to sit opposite a woman who was using her handkerchief, and then laid it on the seat, and all the way eating smelly chips with curry, which were everywhere. I would prefer to go with the dog than with the Queen and most of the other passengers.