It was replaced by the head of the NGO “Tekhnomash”

It was replaced by the head of the NGO “Tekhnomash”

Acting General Director FGUP “NPO “Tekhnomash”” (part of “Roscosmos”), Dmitry Panov will leave the post on 3 August. “He will be asked to continue working on one of the enterprises is rocket-the space industry”, — stated in the message of Roscosmos.

The position of acting General Director of “Tekhnomash” a 49-year-old Vladimir Vlasyuk. Mr. Vlasiuk — Director General of JSC “Emerald”, whose main activity is the production and maintenance of radar control systems for the needs of the Navy.

Earlier it became known that the post August 2, leaving the General Director of NPO Lavochkin (also included in the Roskosmos), Sergei Lemeshevsky, in respect of which a criminal case of fraud.

As reported TASS, in January 2015, citing a source, Dmitry Panov has submitted documents for participation in competition on replacement of posts of the General Director of NPO. The Lavochkin. “Roscosmos” undo competition “in connection with industrial necessity”. In July of the same year the NGO was headed by Sergey Lemeshevsky.