“It was like a movie”: how Vysotsky’s funeral

“It was like a movie”: how Vysotsky’s funeral

How was the farewell to Vladimir Vysotsky.

14фотографий14фотографий14фотографийровно 38 years ago on July 25, 1980, died of the great Soviet poet-songwriter and actor Vladimir Vysotsky. “Газета.Ru” tells how the country was saying goodbye to a legend.

From 18 to 22 June 1980 in Kaliningrad took place the last tour of Vladimir Vysotsky. One of the performances of the actor came without a guitar, losing voice, instead of the songs he told the audience about his roles in theater and film, answered questions from the audience and even read hamlet’s monologue “to Be or not to be?”.

On July 16 Vysotsky gave the last recital, which concluded with the song “I love you”. The theme of the evening in the suburbs was the youth of the poet, his friends, his childhood and the Big carriage.

18 Jul Vysotsky last seen on stage of Taganka Theatre in one of its main roles — hamlet.

Rumor has it that the artist with great difficulty finished the play to the end, but still was great, not allowing himself “not a single superfluous faces”.

On 23 July, the state Vysotsky has deteriorated sharply. In his house on Malaya Gruzinskaya gathered the best of doctors of the capital, including those that were constantly with him in recent months. After much debate it was decided that the 25th day of the poet transported to the hospital, where he will continue his treatment.

On the night of July 25 Vladimir Semenovich did not. The official description of acute cardiovascular failure.

Among the non — direct consequences of alcohol dependence and drug use. To perform an autopsy on the actor, his family is not allowed.