“Highway to heaven”. Looks like a highway in the mountains of China (video)

“Highway to heaven”. Looks like a highway in the mountains of China (video)

When man and nature exist in harmony.

In the Internet appeared the unique footage shot from the air, showing a highway in China’s Hunan province.

“Highway to heaven” connects the County UNSUN and Jishou.

Real highway to the sky: Meet Yongshun-Jichang highway in central China’s #Hunan province, which will make you feel like driving up in the air pic.twitter.com/5raA29ghwi

— People’s Daily,China (@PDChina) July 25, 2018

The motorway is the most complex project in the province. The length of 84.5 km. By road people can reach practically all counties in the Autonomous Prefecture of Xiangxi-Tuija and Miao.

The main feature of this highway is its height. The motorway is built on huge concrete pillars in the middle of the highlands. In this way the architects were able not only to reduce the cost of construction of the road, but also to keep the natural landscape intact.

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